​It's fall!  This growing season is flying by!  After all the rain in spring and  the hot, humid days of summer, we're still working with gusto to complete the landscape jobs scheduled for this year.  Thanks to our customers for being very patient!  

This is a great time of year to plant.  Containerized perennials can be planted up to the time the ground freezes.  We continue to grow perennials and have a good selection for fall landscaping projects.  Contact us if you are searching for perennials!  

As we weed, deadhead, and cut back perennials in our landscape maintenance duties, we notice certain things that could help keep weeds under control, improve the health of plant material, and reduce the need for frequent watering.  One main item we recommend is mulch.  Mulch helps retain soil moisture, provides some control in weed management, and gives a finished look to the landscape.  We suggest using 
 shredded hardwood mulch.

​Happy gardening!

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