​We're still working between the rain drops!  It was a very wet spring, and it continues to be rainy this summer!  Thanks for being patient with us as we rearrange our schedule due to the weather!

Weeds are lovin' the rain and have become the dominant plants in many landscapes.  Some trees are showing signs of fungal diseases, like anthracnose.  Most fungicides are preventative, so there isn't too much that can be done once the disease is present. 

Container grown plant material can be planted throughout the growing season.  If you want to add some perennials to your landscape, contact us.  Inhabitants in our nursery include old reliables such as Karl Foerster ornamental grass, daylilies, low growing sedum, Caesar's Brother iris, and several varieties of hosta.  Other intriguing types available are Euphorbia Bonfire, Phlox Jeana, Autumn Moor Grass, and more! Plant some in your yard!

​Happy gardening!

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